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Helpful DUI attorney in Flathead Valley, MT

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We are the premier DUI attorney firm in Flathead Valley, MT. If you have any kind of a criminal charge against you, we can handle your case. We can also help with criminal defense, DWI and personal injury lawsuits. Call us for more information today. 


The law system is very confusing even for a DUI attorney and we understand you could easily get lost in the charges you are being accused of. Give us a call today in Flathead Valley for a consultation and we will help you deal what all the charges you are facing. 


After the DUI or DWI has been issued and you are either out of jail on bail or not you will come before the court for the arraignment hearing. This is the first time your case will be presented in front of a judge. The charges are read and you state your plea. There will be pre-trial motions, the trial, and the sentencing. Have questions? Contact our practice in Flathead Valley. We'd be glad to answer them.

Other disputes

If you or a loved on has been charged with a DUI or a DWI time is your biggest problem. These types of cases can happen quickly and if you are not on top of the hearings and information you may be charged with something you didn't do. Or have to live with a greater punishment then you deserve. Give our experienced DUI attorney team a call today so we can provide you with service you can count on in Flathead Valley. 
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